About Us

Sixpax is Bandung based apparel brand focused on outwear. Born in 2008 we exist to give you product with excellent quality, details, and prestigious design. A modern and urban looks that makes you feel as you are experiencing an artsy lifestyles in the midst of creative emerging city. Sixpax Stores was located in Trunojoyo street no 30th. #GearforGoodLife

We had so much love with black and white colors. Our graphic tee is focusing on good graphic design, ideas, culture, hobby, photography, and political critic (sometimes haha, lol).

Gear for good life is our brand value. We know love life is a human basic nature. We hope our product can accompanying you in every single moment in your life, and also the quality is number 1. Our vast market ranged from youngsters to everyone that open minded, independent, and modern people.